A bespoke consultancy focusing on the needs of NYC-area Mac users

Making clients’ lives easier since 2001

We emphasize long-term, personalized solutions

Sorry, we are not a repair shop nor a products / parts reseller. All work is by appointment and on retainer.

Our Services Include:

Antivirus Installation + Virus Removal

Backup + Data Security

Cloud Services Support

Elder Fraud Defense + Avoiding Scams

Email Migration

Hacking + Phishing Defense

Hosting + Domain Assistance

Online Security

Pandemic Support / Moving Your Business Online

Password Management

Photo Library Organization

Privacy + Security Consulting

Professional Photography Support

Remote Support

Storage Management

Systems Design


WordPress Tutorials + Problem Solving

2020 Update:

NYC Mac Support is proud to continue serving clients through the pandemic. While we've moved to online-only services, the vast majority of issues can be resolved by screen sharing. As an advocate for online privacy, we only use remote connection platforms that are secure and easy to manage by the average person.

While some of our operations have consolidated under the umbrella of PeopleFirst Technology Consulting, our management remains the same as it has been since our inception in Brooklyn, NY over 20 years ago.

A reply to your inquiry may come via PeopleFirst Technology. You are invited to visit us there for the latest updates to our service offerings, our philosophy and approach, as well as find guidance on some common issues.

For more information about us, details about our tech and web services, including a select list of clients, please visit PeopleFirst Technology.

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Reminder: we are not a repair shop nor a products / parts reseller.

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