nycmac_service_tsp_22How can my team share info efficiently?

We can help establish good workflow practices to help you work smarter, not harder.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average employee spends 7.6 hours per weekday at work — and 34% of those surveyed spent a Saturday or Sunday working as well! If this (or worse) sounds familiar, maybe it’s time for an efficiency consultant.

We’re not proposing a fad “4-hour workweek.” What we do believe is that many typical workday routines could be made more efficient.

Our goal: uncomplicated adjustments that benefit both people and the workplace as a whole. We’ll help identify, then reduce patterns that ineffectually spend your time and energy. We help make work refreshing, effective, and enjoyable again.

We can schedule a time to walk through your typical day to day. There are dozens upon dozens of shortcuts that can shave significant time off the typical burdens in areas of technology, communication and workflow. We can also base our consultations on your meetings, look over status reports and time lines, and offer suggestions to boost the efficacy of your logistics using appropriate technologies.

Once have enough information to glean from your operations, we work to provide you with a custom report of specific recommendations to get things moving quicker. And we’ll help you implement it, too.

Collaboration: Work together smarter, not harder

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Whether on deadline or during an average workday, productivity matters. We can take you and your staff through the fundamental advantages of cloud-based sharing, provide relevant examples, then integrate the improvements into your daily work.

As a modern business, you and your employees wear many hats, work different hours, and need to work effectively with a mobile device. By leveraging the power of cloud services, you can keep things simple and flexible! Stop waiting five minutes to upload a file for tomorrow’s presentation. Instead, take five seconds to send a link, and access that presentation from any device.