nycmac_service_tsp_24Lost in a sea of emails? Not sure who has access to what?

Let’s end the feeling that technology is working against your business goals instead of for it. A well-designed setup helps maintain focus and organization painlessly.

Example goals:

  • Company email migration to Google for the professional interface that most people are already familiar with
  • Automatically file emails into specific project folders
  • Fine-tune collaboration on Google Drive using Google Docs for Business
  • Implementing Dropbox for sharing of projects large and small
  • Manage permissions to ensure the right people have access to the right files

Email & Cloud - Collaborate and share efficiently

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Whether on deadline or during an average workday, productivity matters. We can take you and your staff through the fundamental advantages of cloud-based sharing, provide relevant examples, then integrate the improvements into your daily work.

As a modern business, you and your employees wear many hats, work different hours, and need to work effectively with a mobile device. By leveraging the power of cloud services, you can keep things simple and flexible! Stop waiting five minutes to upload a file for tomorrow’s presentation. Instead, take five seconds to send a link, and access that presentation from any device.

Security Matters

Cloud-based software provides a significant upgrade to the safety and security of sensitive information. Small businesses in particular tend to have less security around technology, making them more susceptible to the vast majority of online threats.

Team Collaboration

Working with a team of people? Seamless technologies enable real-time document collaboration so you don’t get lost in a sea of emails. Get feedback, answers, and content quickly utilizing cloud services.

Both education and implementation are our goals. We can take you and your staff through the fundamentals and fine details of cloud-based sharing, then, using your existing projects, we’ll help you get it all set up. relevant examples, and integrate the improvements into your daily work

Work with to upgrade your email and cloud situation – we can show you tips and ideas so that you can much easier share content, and collaborate on that content efficiently.