nycmac_service_tsp_26Is tech support the best use of your time?

You and your employees are busy! Everyone works on several projects at once and it’s easy for technical glitches to persist unabated. While everyone wants to be helpful, perhaps self-sufficiency is not the most efficient solution when you realize you don’t have enough hours in the day to smooth everything out, tech-wise.

The office manager needs security updates, your designer’s Creative Cloud is burping errors, and your Microsoft Word just keeps quitting… Sound familiar? For these and other troubleshooting issues, there is a cost-effective solution.

Perhaps you have a dedicated IT staff. Are they too busy with infrastructure to handle employee training, deal with normal trouble tickets, and field little stuff all day?

Imagine a way for you and your employees reach out to someone who’s familiar with your business, quickly and affordably. With a branded ticketing system, they can talk directly to us, scheduling screen sharing and phone calls as needed. We’re a first responder for your help desk issues, we’re not a stranger, and you don’t have to pay a premium for tech specialist travel time because the vast majority of issues can be resolved remotely. Because you’ve partnered with us in the past, we know your business goals, so we can help out instantly instead of starting at square one.

Let us provide fast, accurate, and relevant help to your team, day in and day out.

Help Desk: Quick solutions for your employees

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