If you have suffered a liquid spill in your laptop:

  • Unplug it
  • Turn off the computer immediately by holding down the power button for several seconds
  • Orient the laptop so that gravity is working in the opposite direction of the spill. Blot any liquid with a towel (wide spaces) or Q-Tip (corners, ports). For liquid on the keyboard, this usually means turning it upside down on a towel with the screen hanging over a table:

    Laptop Spill

  • Contact a professional ASAP. (Sorry, we don’t do this type of repair.) There are some guides on the web that suggest putting it in a bag of rice, e.g. While that’s probably better than nothing, there is no substitute for removing the liquid as quickly as possible to reduce the likelihood of corrosion on the logic board.

An ounce of prevention:

It only takes a thimble-sized amount of coffee to ruin a keyboard, resulting in a $400 repair. Spilling half a cup could run you $800-$1200. Buy a high quality Moshi ClearGuard Keyboard Protector today to prevent this common catastrophe.