End the cycle of resetting, reusing (and having to remember) passwords

You've heard it before: The best way to safe keep personal data is by creating strong, unique passwords…no pet names or significant years/dates/numbers…a mix of upper- and lower-case characters, symbols, and numbers.

This is a tall order and luckily there are several competing solutions that make this task easy. Otherwise, most folks create some strong ones, write them down, forget them, and don't always have their notebook handy when making changes.

The better way: use 1Password to create unique, strong, hard-to-memorize passwords for each of your accounts – and let technology remember it all for you! (If you lose your devices they are protected and backed up securely in the cloud.)

We can also do an audit of your current password and security habits.

Password management solutions lock all your passwords away behind only ONE master password you need to know and remember. Our favorite password management solution by far is the aforementioned 1Password by AgileBits.

1Password is created to be as secure as possible, using strong, industry-standard encryption methods, which means you can still export your data at any time. Its flawless, intuitive design works better than its competitors on Macs and iPhones.

But the best part is how seamlessly it works across your all your devices, both desktop and mobile. With its web browser extension, you can even store credit card information to fill in details with one quick. When you’re on the go, Apple’s Touch ID gives you access, and their service is currently a very reasonable $2.99 per month.

Passwords are the gatekeepers of our personal data. The cost of implementing a secure and convenient system is a drop in the bucket compared to impact of getting hacked.

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