nycmac_service_tsp_91Send a rush request for emergency tech support, day or night!

Sometimes you can't wait for the next business day. If you need help NOW, we’re pleased to offer expanded availability so that you can work to achieve your goals before our next bookable appointment time. Computer problems don't magically disappear after 3:00 PM and when you're on deadline — so contact us to see if we can meet your needs right away. You pay nothing if we're unavailable.

This session is generally conducted over phone call with screen sharing — an opportunity to address many issues, including:

  • malware removal
  • cyber-security issues or concerns
  • cloud collaboration
  • photo support
  • backup checks
  • 1-on-1 instruction
  • …and many more

Emergencies & Off-Hours Support

Contact us for this service

How it works:

  • Does not require a VIP Support Retainer in advance
  • Request this service day or night
  • If available immediately, you'll receive a confirmation / checkout link
  • Complete your booking within 30 minutes
  • We will call you upon receipt of your confirmation
  • Rates are the base rate ($29 per half hour) plus a single $20 rush surcharge


  • It isn’t technically possible to screen share with a phone or tablet; please be advised of this limitation if your issue primarily involves an iPhone or iPad issue.
  • This service is remote and cannot directly repair a physically broken device
  • Screen sharing requires an internet connection; if yours is down, our service may be limited to a phone consultation.

Examples of Emergency Mac Service

Last Night We Saved A DJ’s Life
A famous French DJ was en route to NYC from a transatlantic flight when he phoned his assistant that his laptop would not start up. He needed it that night for his set! His assistant contacted us and we met him at his hotel. Within minutes, we were able to begin data recovery and within a few hours, recovered his tracks and music apps onto a new internal hard drive and he was good to go.