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Product Description

Remote Support via phone & screen sharing is fast, economical, effective and secure. We work with you, on your computer — lets you avoid sharing login details with a 3rd party.

  • Each 30 minute block is good for one instance of remote assistance
  • Our average client session is typically about an hour

How it works

  1. Select duration, date, and time on the calendar
  2. Secure checkout via credit card or PayPal
  3. We'll call you at the number you provide at your reserved time
  4. Rescheduling unused blocks? Simply use coupon code RETAINER at checkout.
  5. Check your usage and time remaining in our Client Portal.


You may buy more than one block at a time to ensure adequate time to resolve your needs. If you buy more time than you need, rescheduling is simple — use coupon code RETAINER at checkout.Face-to-face meetings used to be the norm. Increasingly, location and budgets don’t cooperate. With technologies like secure screen sharing, Google Hangouts, and Skype, we can work with you from any location with a virtual house call. This also saves costs associated with travel.

Consulting, skill building and trainings can be all conducted efficiently and cost-effectively using secure screen sharing and video conferencing. We’re your virtual consultant, available on short notice. A majority of tech support issues, not to mention guidance and instruction, can be resolved remotely.

  • More flexible and affordable than an on-site visit
  • Sets up in 1-2 minutes, easy to turn off and/or uninstall
  • Doesn’t stay permanently “on” unless you tell it to (can be useful for ongoing projects)
  • Uses industry-standard protocols and encryption to ensure security
  • Each 30 minute block is good for one instance of remote assistance
  • Our average client session varies but is typically is 30-60 minutes
  • 15 years of professional consulting at your service. Mac® or PC; on-site or via remote screen-sharing.

Advantages of Screen Sharing

  • For the majority of computer issues, remote support via screen sharing, combined with a phone call, is the most efficient solution.
  • Far easier to handle step-by-step technical instructions than reading from a manual
  • Like having an in-house tech support specialist, but without the added cost of an on-site appointment

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    NYC Mac Support helped me fix a problem with my MacBook via a phone call and remote “screen sharing.” Much more effective, speedy, and convenient…

  2. :

    Everything is seemingly back to normal. I’d be lost without ya. Thanks for everything.

  3. :

    I had numerous issues with my desktop… iTunes loading slowly, slow performance, computer freeIng up etc etc. Zach had it all figured out and fixed remotely in a matter of minutes. $30 well spent. I highly recommend

  4. :

    This is the most comprehensive and detailed support I have ever received. Although I am not a computer expert, I walked away from this actually learning more than I have in a long time. Thank you NYC Mac Support, you made this experience totally rewarding.

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