Malware Removal: Expert virus cleaning and protection

From: $58.00


We're pleased to offer for a flat hour's time:

  • Installation of a Mac antivirus program
  • Initiation of a full system scan
  • Time for questions you may have

"Do I have a virus?" is our most common question by far.For clients needing additional assistance with scan results, you can book a standard half hour to follow up after the scan is finished.

For many clients, this all they need, but malware is highly varied with regard to its effects and ease of elimination. On occasion, additional labor is needed in removal or our clients have follow-up questions.

You do not need to pay for the Mac anti-virus program itself! While this may change in the future, a few well-regarded PC antivirus manufacturers have released good Mac versions at no charge. We’ll assess your situation and help you determine what’s best for you.

The Mac Malware Continuum

On Macs, malware spans a continuum from intrusive to destructive, but mostly annoying at the time of this writing.

  1. On the light side, we start with unwanted programs that can harass you with popups that won't go away, degrade your system’s performance and stability, and even get you to spend money on something that you didn’t really need. They can redirect your web traffic, at best, it does nothing or cleans up the mess it started. Common terms include adware, bloatware, and scareware.
  2. Moving down the line, other programs like spyware can collect personal info or outright steal your data by way of an unapproved “backup” (MegaBackup is one main culprit).
  3. Traditional viruses and trojan horses can be truly destructive but they are fortunately still relatively rare on the Mac. At the very worst, Ransomware holds your data (and even your backups!) hostage, forcing you to purchase bitcoins and send them over to get your data back (and you may still not get it).

Macs are not immune to ransomware and other serious viruses. The Mac malware landscape has undergone dramatic evolution and it’s difficult to say what will happen next. We can say without a doubt that they are becoming more advanced, sneakier about hiding their presence, harder to remove, and becoming more obtrusive to the point of not being able to get work done. Viruses are destructive, often steal your personal data, and can transform your computer into a spam bot, silently sending unwanted emails to thousands of people.

We offer effective tools to eliminate these problems painlessly and permanently.