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We offer productivity-focused workshops with a hands-on, interactive method. These results-oriented topics include:

  • Digital skill building and app-specific training
  • Productivity-focused tech support
  • Computer literacy = employee productivity
  • Computer literacy immersion

Digital Skill Building & App-specific Training

Learn technical, organizational, and conception skills to help make the most of the human capital in your workplace. We provide software-specific training at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in:

  • Microsoft Office® Suite (Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®)
  • Adobe® Creative Cloud® (Creative Suite®): Photoshop®, Lightroom®, Illustrator®, InDesign®
  • WordPress, themes, plugins, SEO, and the related topics
  • Looking for work? Our software and training can help you gain a crucial advantage in today’s job market

Training: Gain productivity via 1-on-1 learning

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We advise on best practices and workflows specific to your business needs. Are you growing or transitioning? Let us also suggest new systems and software to upgrade smoothly and easily.

Computer Literacy = Employee Productivity

In this workshop, we look at some easy ways to shave off valuable seconds to common tasks. When a 2-minute procedure is performed dozens of times per day, reducing that time to a few seconds can add up. Cisco estimated that increased productivity of 1–2 minutes per employee per day was worth $500 per employee per year. Since multitasking habits can degrade into distraction, we convey helpful guidelines based on recent research. Through demonstration and emphasis on real-world examples, we can help make time-saving behaviors habitual for even the most steadfast self-proclaimed “computer illiterate.”

Computer Literacy Immersion Workshop

In this hands-on program, we work one-on-one with an employee throughout their typical day, up to 7 hours. Perfect for staff who weren’t raised on computers, we identify problem areas of technology and interface that impede their productivity and mental blocks that have kept them from working harmoniously with their machines. Old habits die hard, but through respectful engagement, we can offer tailored solutions that meet them at their knowledge point, and improve from there. We then provide a customized report that summarizes challenges and goals, aiding in retention of key concepts. The result is lasting productivity that pays for itself many times over.